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Safety Tips for Using Inflatables



  Texas state law prohibits any moonwalk company to be in business if their moonwalks are not state inspected and insured to a minimum standard. Before renting a moonwalk from anyone, check to make sure the company you are using is on this list. We of course are listed!

Choosing a company that is not on the list could mean liability that you do not want to get yourself or organization in to. Texas law states that each moonwalk owner has the same responsibility as someone who owns a theme park.

A state inspector inspects our moonwalks each year. We are in compliance with the law and are fully insured.

Beware, some companies try to cut corners offering you a moonwalk that has not been state inspected and could potentially be dangerous for your children.



     It is important that all children and adults follow the safety rules when using inflatables. Injuries are always a possibility, no matter what you're doing. However, following our simple tips below will help to ensure you and your children remain safe while having fun.


Exit the inflatable in case

of an emergency.

    During bad weather, including rain, lightning, thunder or heavy wind, please exit the inflatable and turn off the equipment. If the inflatable deflates, please exit and check the power cord for disconnection. Please contact us immediately.


Avoid unnecessary horseplay or dangerous behavior.

    Please do not perform flips, jump off walls, throw people or jump into other people while inside the inflatable. Do not bounce near the entrance as people may be entering or exiting. Have fun, but don't do anything risky.


Inflatables should always be used under adult supervision.

     The supervising adult can still enjoy the party as long as he or she remains near the inflatable and keeps an eye on it. This ensures children follow the safety rules and avoid doing anything else that might be dangerous.


Leave personal items outside the inflatable before entering.

    Remove your shoes, jewelry, watches, or any article of clothing that may fall off while bouncing. Do not bring sharp or dangerous objects into the inflatable. These items may get lost, or worse, hurt someone.

Watch what goes on outside the inflatable as well as inside.

    Make sure children do not play outside the inflatable, especially where other children may be entering and exiting. Keep children away from the electric cord and air blower to avoid child injury and damage to the equipment.


Individuals with health concerns should not use.

    People with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and anyone who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the inflatable at any time.

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