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3 in 1 Dual Lane Combo Castle


   Our fantastic Dual Lane Combo Castle is loaded with fun. Jump, Climb & Slide enjoy a fun basketball hoop inside a large inflatable. This inflatable Slide can be used with water on the summer or Dry if you preferer. 

3 in 1 Dual.png


           (Overnight Rental) 

3 in 1 Dual Combo Castle  /  27'L x 16'W x 14'H 

3-1 Dual PNG.png

Wet or Dry

Wet or Dry


                                   We Handle Delivery and Setup 


All rentals inside of Loop 1604 carry a small fee of $10.00 to cover the cost of Delivery, Setup and Removal. Please be sure to provide sufficient space and an electrical outlet. In case of water games please provide a large water hose.


(Rentals outside of Loop 1604 area may include an additional delivery fee. We will always notify you upfront if this fee applies.)

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