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Marble Ice Water Slide


   Marble Ice Water Slide 18' ft. Wet or Dry Slide is the perfect water slide for any occasion. This colorful slide can be used as a water slide during those sizzling hot summer days, and doubles as a dry slide any other time of year. Kids of all ages will have be full of excitement as they ascend the ramp, to glide down this amazing and fun slide. This ride packs even more fun in with a the splash zone pool attached at the end of the slide... it is guaranteed make a splash at any event. Kids will be dripping with enthusiasm as they climb out to do it all again! Great fun for the whole family!


           (Overnight Rental) 

Marble Ice Water Slide   /  18'H  x  27'L  x  12' W 


                                   We Handle Delivery and Setup 


All rentals inside of Loop 1604 carry a small fee of $10.00 to cover the cost of Delivery, Setup and Removal. Please be sure to provide sufficient space and an electrical outlet. In case of water games please provide a large water hose.


(Rentals outside of Loop 1604 area may include an additional delivery fee. We will always notify you upfront if this fee applies.)

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