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All customer correspondence is handled via EMAIL so that you have a copy for future reference.

     All reservations must be placed via our online reservation form so that we get your correct details. If you have a quick question please contact us at (210) 449-2536.

     Checking availability or need a price quote

  Please fill out the free online reservation form this is a FREE service and filling out the form does not commit you to the rental. No credit card or payment information is taken anywhere on this website. Please note that the 25% deposit invoice will be sent to your email through

PayPal. This payment is required in 24 hours in order to complete your reservation. Please note that a PayPal account is not required to complete this payment. The delivery time frame will be between 8:00 am. – 2:00 pm. on the event day and pick up will be next day of the event. In many cases we do deliver the day before the event depending on the area we will contact you and let you know.

Will you be able to receive your reservation the day before of the event.

Thank you, we will contact you by email to confirm your reservation.

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Delivery time frame is between 8:00am - 2:00pm.

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