The beutiful Princess Castle is the perfect moonwalk for your perfect little princess. It is ideal for your next birthday party! This dazzling blue, pink and purple bounce house features a large jumping arena, an inflatable basketball hoop, and an incredibly fun slide. Towering over your backyard, the princess castle is a beautiful sight. This bouncy castle is safe for kids of all ages. So give your little princess the party fun she deserves with the magnificent Deluxe Princess Castle moonwalk!

1 Princess Combo Castle 15' x 18'                      


3 Large Tables 6ft.              


1 Medium Table 4ft.                


24 Folding Chairs    



                                       FREE DELIVERY  






inside of Loop 1604

                                                                                                            ONLY $155.00 No Tax 

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(Inflatable by itself $125.00)